Don Martin Legacy Scholarship Fund

About Don Martin Legacy Scholarship Fund

The Mr. Martin Legacy Scholarship Award was established in remembrance of beloved LACHSA dance teacher Mr Don Martin (1931-1921).

Mr. Martin was a dancer with the Lester Horton Dance Theater. He was one of the dancers Lester Horton worked with when Horton was codifying his technique. After Lester Horton died at the tragically young age of 47, Mr. Martin helped catalog and archive - and later became the legacy holder of - Lester Horton’s work.

Mr. Martin taught for 15 plus years at LACHSA where he passed on the essential ideals of Lester Horton. His technique classes and choreography were famously rigorous, demanding and uncompromising. He created 4 original works on LACHSA dancers: “Still I Rise;" “La Casa de Las Secas;" “Odes and Homages;” and finally “Joan of Orleans."

The LACHSA Dance Department continues the legacy of Mr. Martin’s work and passion, with continued Horton technique classes and the re-staging of Mr. Martin’s original choreography. Each year a deserving LACHSA student will receive a scholarship to aid with the costs of travel and accommodation for summer courses and access to continued dance training during time off from school.

Please give generously to build and maintain this scholarship in Mr. Martin's name to continue the love, kindness and work ethic that he instilled in his students.

Thank you.